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Though Quincy Jones advertised Pryor additionally had a intimate relationship with Marlon Brando

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor admitted in the 1995 autobiography, Pryor Convictions along with other Life Sentences, to presenting a two-week event with a transgender guy. “I never ever kept him a key. My closest friend by way of example, knew I became f**king a dude, and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that,” Pryor published. “we also admitted something that is doing was exciting. But after a couple of weeks of being homosexual, sufficient ended up being sufficient and I also went returning to life as a h***y heterosexual.”

Though Quincy Jones advertised Pryor additionally had a relationship that is sexual Marlon Brando, Pryor’s child, Rain, denied it. “Daddy didn’t have relations with Brando. There have been no trips to their Southern Pacific Oasis, no flowers or love records between. Not really a movie part. Why this unexpected want to drag Daddy through the Hollywood mud? I think it is infuriating and tasteless,” she published on Twitter (via web web Page Six). “My dad had been really available together with his life, therefore much so that news of a trans woman to his relationship within the early 70s and 80s was not actually newsworthy nor notable. As a young child i knew her, much less the trans individual in our house, nevertheless the woman whom everyone accepted. Therefore much acceptance we failed to understand she ended up being Trans until recently.”

But wait: Pryor’s widow, Jennifer, told TMZ that her spouse did date Brando, reasserting that he had been unashamed and open of their bisexuality.

Carmen Electra

After her breakup from Dave Navarro in 2007, Carmen Electra ended up being rumored become dating Joan Jett, whom she came across whenever she acted in Jett’s “A.C.D.C.” music video clip in 2006. Electra told sunlight (via Digital Spy), “I’ve had a young girl crush on Joan Jett since I have had been eight. Keep in mind that video clip where she free live teen sex cams is released by having a trench coating on and she starts within the trench layer and she actually is putting on a bikini then she actually is rocking away with guitar? She actually is hot.” In addition, witnesses told Metro the set had been spotted backstage that is kissing certainly one of Jett’s concerts in March 2007.

Whenever asked whether she and Electra had been buddies or buddies with advantages, Jett told After Ellen, “we are close friends.”

In 2013, Electra said backstage on Bethenny that she would lawfully marry a female, describing, “We do have confidence in equal liberties and I also do have confidence in love. And I also think if you truly discover that love and passion, i do believe which is a great thing . therefore ladies, hit me up!”

Kim Zolciak

This year, after doubting rumors of the hookup with feminine DJ Tracy younger, the actual Housewives of Atlanta celebrity Kim Zolciak admitted that she ended up being, in fact, in a lesbian relationship aided by the spinner. “I do not think love has a sex. I do not wish to determine homosexual, bisexual or right. I simply think it really is way too much me, nor does a man,” Zolciak told Life & Style (via Fox News) for me— a woman doesn’t define. “I’m on the list of an incredible number of moms and dads who’ve been in a homosexual or lesbian relationship.” She included, “there have been sparks, but physically it absolutely was a situation that is gradual. Tracy made the move that is first. Our very first kiss ended up being passionate and exciting.”

Alas, the love did not final: Radar Online stated that Young dumped Zolciak merely an after confirming the relationship, allegedly because zolciak was two-timing with her ex, big poppa week.

Hugh Hefner

Playboy creator Hugh Hefner is notorious for having a sort: feminine, blond, busty, and tan. But, well before The Girls Next Door and spouse Crystal Harris, Hef really apparently connected with a person. The Huffington Post), it was revealed that Hefner engaged in at least one tryst with another man in the book Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream (via.

“Hefner’s thirst for intimate experience became so strong which he also had a one-time homosexual experience,” writer Steven Watts composed. “One night in downtown Chicago he had been propositioned and, according to Hefner’s friend Eldon Sellers, he ‘thought, exactly what the hell. Discovered it a fascinating experience.'”

Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, previous Playmate Carrie Leigh, reported (via The Sun) that she frequently stepped in on him being intimate along with other guys in their five-year relationship.

Hefner told The Washington Post in 1999, “there is some bisexuality within the heterosexual, moving element of my entire life. The boundaries were being tested by me, just knocking straight down walls . That period of intimate experimentation is over.”

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