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With modern re-releases on Virtual Console and the Super Nintendo Mini, some demand for Earthbound has been met, and the game’s loose value has stabilised over the past couple of years. However, as a collector’s piece, the big-box Earthbound package, complete with strategy guide, will always be a huge prize, especially for fans who want a good condition copy for their shelf. This desire is clearly illustrated by the dramatic spread between prices for loose and boxed copies. The game had a lengthy, difficult development taking more than five years from conception to release, with the threat of cancellation always hanging over the developers’ heads. It wasn’t until the late Satoru Iwata and his team at HAL labs came on board that the sprawling game reached an acceptable state to be readied for release.

  • The land of Jugdral has a level of depth that other Fire Emblem games have yet to live up to.
  • That said, its complexity is absolutely a strength as it keeps players guessing all the way to the end.
  • Plus, it’s here when the series’ character writing started to get especially good.
  • Featuring several twists and turns, Terranigma’s ending is truly breathtaking and will stick with players until long after the credits roll.
  • Few games can tug on the heartstrings so well, but Terranigma does it with a frequency and a poignancy only the greats are capable of achieving.

But whenever there is a spike in demand for a game as uncommon as Hagane, a rise in value is sure to follow. Wild Guns is not at all easy to find, and it’s even harder to find in decent condition. As a late-release title, copies of this game were manufactured in Mexico, leading to poorer quality labels and boxes which are easier to damage.

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MBR/PM/SR is not in fact an entirely original product, nor is it even the first game to be produced for use with the Life Cycle. The first game to be produced was Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally, a modified version of an existing SNES title; Cannondale Cup, and it was included with every complete Exertainment Life Cycle system sold. Although that game is hard to find, the second release, MBR/PM/SR, is far and away more difficult to come by because it was seemingly never sold at retail at all.

The game has undeniable pedigree as a Mega Man game, and of course fans of Mega Man X and X2 are going to be on the hunt for X3. It hit the 100 dollar range in 2012, went up to 200 a few years later and has hovered in that region ever since. Despite not selling anywhere near as well as Nintendo may have hoped, it has been reported that it did sell somewhere in the region of 140,000 copies, making it far from the rarest Super Nintendo game. However, as always supply is only one side of the value equation, and it is demand that has been the Commodore Pet ROM games download driving force of Earthbound’s value.

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Rampant emulation of the Super Nintendo on PC in the late 90’s and early 00’s allowed hardcore SNES gamers free access to the full library of titles, and word slowly spread of this awesome, little-known game. This small groundswell of popularity was then exponentially magnified by attention from YouTube channels in the early 2010’s, most notably due to episodes featuring Hagane from Classic Game Room and Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei. At this point it became common knowledge among gamers and collectors that this is a title to look out for. However, this is not to say that a true one-for-one causal relationship between YouTube publicity and a given game’s value can be definitively proven.

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This combo cartridge could only be purchased directly from the publisher, Life Fitness, for a purported cost of $200. Due to this, it would likely only have been accessible to gyms already installed with Life Cycles, and perhaps a handful of rich individuals who had invested in the Life Cycle system for their homes. These days, Hagane appears on eBay in high enough numbers to demonstrate that it is far from the most uncommon game for the Super Nintendo, but buoyant demand nonetheless keeps the game’s value high. Ultimately, it should be seen as a great thing that more people know about this previously underappreciated title, and true SNES fans should feel proud to have Hagane as one of the standard bearers for the system. It is little wonder then that Hagane would become a “hidden gem” sensation in the “YouTube era” of retro-gaming.

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Earthbound, or Mother 2 as it was known in Japan, is in fact a sequel to a game that had never made it to US shores. Due to this lack of brand awareness, Nintendo spent a reported $2 million advertising the game in the USA, running print ads, promotional events and giveaways in order to hype up the game.

Due to this, good condition carts and especially good condition boxed copies of the game sell for a decent premium. Thus, the value of a loose cart of Wild Guns tends to fluctuate within the range of 150 and 200 dollars, depending on condition, and may sometimes sell for a lot more for a particularly fine specimen. Mega Man X3 has never been the cheapest game to buy, and as an entry in one of the most popular game franchises around there will always be interest in owning this title. Starting from its high launch price the game didn’t dip far on the secondary market, with loose copies trading hands for around 50 dollars as far back as .

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